Energy Savings Windows for Hot Lanta

energy saving windows cummingWhy do they call Atlanta “HOT LANTA”?  The heat in Atlanta can be overwhelming at times.  Take pop-up showers hitting us in the middle of the day. The humidity can be difficult to stand at times.  Did you know that energy saving windows will help you with energy savings?  We have provided some tips that can be helpful for you in the meantime.

You don’t have to spend a lot of time & money for energy savings.  How do you spend your energy dollars? We have some suggestions we find to be helpful from Georgia Power.  Heating & Cooling Systems account for over 50% of your homes typical energy usage.  I say “ooch”.   Energy saving windows can help keep you cool air inside during the summer, and cool air outside during cold winters.  The amount of money you can save with energy saving windows can benefit your expenses greatly.  We have worked on a few tips that can help you maintain a cooler home during the summer months.

Turning the AC on full blast, using more water, and running fans all day can all end up costing you.

Energy Efficiency Atlanta Windows5 Tips to Help You Save Money on Energy Besides Energy Saving Windows

  • Sealing Your Windows & Doors 
  • Close Your Curtains When You Can
  • Reverse Your Ceiling Fans
  • Grilling Outside Will Help With Energy Savings
  • Program Your Thermostat

Call Jeff today if you need help today finding a energy saving windows can be affordable.